Welcome to iSPO – the Institute for Social Research, Consultancy and Organisational Development!

Our consultants provide you with practical guidance ranging from scientific monitoring to the implementation of change processes. Taking into consideration your existing knowledge and expertise, we use our broad analytical experience to tailor our advice to your individual needs.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services both in Germany and abroad. In Germany, we specialise in socio-political issues such as social welfare for the underprivileged, adolescents, the elderly, and disabled people. In the international context, we support development co-operation agencies and projects in results-oriented project management and evaluation.


Social Research

Successful, goal-oriented project management and project development depend on reliable information and, thus, the proper use of pertinent social research methods. We collect and analyse data (e. g. group/customer/member surveys, opinion polls, key informant interviews) for your project – at specified points in time, at regular intervals, or continually throughout your project – and present findings in a way that corresponds to your individual requirements.


Project Planning and Management

Focused planning is crucial for the success of projects and programmes. Careful and competent project management prevents conflicts and losses of efficiency and ensures that projects are carried out smoothly in order to maximise impact.

During the planning phase, we assist you in developing practical and goal-oriented project concepts. During implementation, we offer process consulting to support your project management.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) provide information about the current state of a project, the status of change processes and lessons learnt from the project experience. M&E-systems allow for a more evidence-based and thus, more effective project management. Moreover, they are crucial for successful organisational learning.

Our consultants provide advice and coaching services for the implementation of M&E systems and carry out project evaluations. Our methodological experience ranges from creative, practical tools for rapid assessments to methodologically complex designs for impact evaluations.


Organisational Development

The sustainable performance of an organisation depends on its ability to implement change. We assist you in the methodologically robust planning and implementation of change processes.

Taking into careful consideration your goals and requirements as well as your expertise and resources, we work with you to build an organisation that works for everyone and where success is consolidated by building on past experience.

iSPO offers consulting/coaching and in-house training courses on the following topics:

  • Management by objectives
  • Complaint management
  • Employee suggestion scheme
  • Change management
  • Training in experiential education
  • Internal audits
  • Concept design
  • Mission statements
  • Personnel development
  • Project design
  • Quality management
  • Team building
  • Results-oriented project management